Barbara Millicent Roberts


I just spent almost three hours online trying to find some African American dolls for my cheeto-lovin’ youngster who wanted “a lot of dolls.” I ended up buying a cute African American Barbie and Steven. I was looking everywhere, Target, Amazon, Mattel, Toys r Us, Kmart…and trying to decide: should I get her a Steven or a glam sofa complete with bunny slippers and laptop? Or do I get her a Barbie toy puppy, since she wanted a puppy???

After all of this, I had to find out the history of African American Barbie. Why was it so difficult to find multiracial Barbies? In my search, I learned fascinating tidbits, such as Barbie’s full name. Barbara Millicent Roberts. And that the creator’s children were named Barbara and Ken.

The first African American Barbie came out in 1968. But she was basically white Barbie with dark skin. Another one came out in 1980…. FINALLY, in 2009, Mattel introduced a line of African American Barbies who are not just a carbon copy of white Barbie. Welcome to the 21st century, Barbie!!

I am so tempted to buy a Barbie for myself. Like this one.











Or maybe Totally Tattoo Barbie. Holy shit, she has a lower back tat just like me!









I had a bazillion Barbies when I was a kid (thanks, Mom and Dad). My mom crocheted outfits! I can only picture two of them. One with reallllly long brown hair. And one whose hair got chopped off by either a friend at a sleepover, or by my brother. Can’t say for sure. Traumatizing.

I hope my 8-year-old in Roxbury, MA, has many fun hours with Barbie and Steven.

This Nose Isn’t Made for Piercing

Hmm. A birthday list item arrived in the mail tonight.

I try to do something to alter my appearance every year. I’ve gotten a tattoo at a tattoo convention. I’ve worn fake red hair streaks in my hair. I’ve dyed my hair fuschia. I’ve dyed my hair blue. What else can a girl do.


That is kind of a hardcore thing to do. I’m just not that hardcore. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a stud in my nose, though. Enter….the magnetic nose stud! Thank god I didn’t try the real thing. Because it turns out I have the worst nose ever for a nose stud. My nose is thin and straight…a nose stud looks RIDICULOUS.

The magnet is super strong. I am trying to get it to work above a side of my lip…but the magnet keeps sliding for some reason. And ending up on my lip. I can put it under my lip, centered…I’m not crazy about that look. I’ll have to spend some time with it. I need to wear this thing in public a minimum of one day (self-imposed stipulation). I’ll post a photo if I can get it to look OK…