This Nose Isn’t Made for Piercing

Hmm. A birthday list item arrived in the mail tonight.

I try to do something to alter my appearance every year. I’ve gotten a tattoo at a tattoo convention. I’ve worn fake red hair streaks in my hair. I’ve dyed my hair fuschia. I’ve dyed my hair blue. What else can a girl do.


That is kind of a hardcore thing to do. I’m just not that hardcore. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a stud in my nose, though. Enter….the magnetic nose stud! Thank god I didn’t try the real thing. Because it turns out I have the worst nose ever for a nose stud. My nose is thin and straight…a nose stud looks RIDICULOUS.

The magnet is super strong. I am trying to get it to work above a side of my lip…but the magnet keeps sliding for some reason. And ending up on my lip. I can put it under my lip, centered…I’m not crazy about that look. I’ll have to spend some time with it. I need to wear this thing in public a minimum of one day (self-imposed stipulation). I’ll post a photo if I can get it to look OK…

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