Kickstarter, Henna, and the Roman Empire

  I need to kick my addiction to Kickstarter. There are just so many good ideas waiting to come to fruition...I just chipped in for three projects so now I want you to as well: Reading Rainbow OK, this one doesn't technically need any additional help. But don't you want to ensure that Reading Rainbow... Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day

  Just read this quote for the first time today. Love it! "Myth: we have to save Earth. Frankly, Earth doesn't need to be saved. Nature doesn't give a hoot if human beings are here or not. The planet has survived cataclysmic and catastrophic changes for millions upon millions of years. Over that time, it... Continue Reading →

Getting a Dog Is Practice for…

  "...being a mom to another puppy." Thank you, Sister Christina Hendricks. Speaking of Christina Hendricks, did anyone else think that the Mad Men final season opener was on the strange side? Maybe it was the martini I was drinking...      

London Continued

  One of the many reasons I wish I lived in London is that Londoners still read printed books and newspapers. These are MY PEOPLE. London has at least eight major newspapers. So many people read newspapers and leave them on the Tube that the Mayor of London's office posted this ad on the Tube:... Continue Reading →

Happy Holi!

  My attendance at a Holi festival might win "most interesting birthday list item" for 2014. Holi is a Hindu tradition in which people gather to celebrate the coming of spring and throw colored power all over each other. Last weekend, Abby and I walked into a dive-y Fenway bar and were handed a pink... Continue Reading →

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