I went back to the MSPCA today, after having taken time off at the holidays. Every Sunday I spend two hours as a “cat scribe” for the cats on the adoption floor at the MSPCA. I write the bios for the outside of their cages and decorate them. It is so much fun. So many different cat personalities.

Many of the cats today had been “surrendered,” which means the owners brought them in. The MSPCA has them fill out questionnaires about the cats they bring in. So as a cat scribe, I get to know more about the cat from reading these profiles. The “strays” can be tough to write about because I don’t know anything at all about them.

My favorite of today was Crystal, a Maine coon mix. She was beautiful! She enjoyed it when I scratched behind her ears. To me, she had a look on her face like, “what am I doing here?” She was calm, but had a look of resignation about her.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes this job is difficult. Seeing the same cat in a cage week after week makes me sad. I want to take home every kitty with a medical problem, like the three-legged kitten who had a leg amputated…or the cat whose tail had been bitten off. Overall, it’s very satisfying work. I get to spend some time loving up the cats, and also get to write funny little things that will hopefully persuade people to adopt these dear cats.

ANNNNDD, thanks to the MSPCA, I have a second birthday list item. I am going to be walking in the annual Hasty Pudding Parade in Harvard Square. How fun to walk in a parade for the MSPCA, right? Each year, Harvard’s Hasty Pudding theater group honors a male and female actor. The female traditionally rides in a parade through the square. And the male gets “roasted” at an evening event. The parade always takes place during the week, so I have never attended and therefore have no idea what to expect!! Except that it is going to be freezing cold…the parade is January 28.