Bunker Hill

My friend Mary joined me on my Bunker Hill adventure today. It was a gorgeous day to be outside, exploring a new part of Boston. I think I had only been to Charlestown once. That’s where the Bunker Hill monument is. I had heard that you could walk up inside the monument, but I had no concept of how tall the damn thing was. It was 294 steps to the top!! I was wheezing by the time we reached the top. But the view was pretty.

After making it back down, we popped into the Bunker Hill museum across the street. The exhibits were well done. There was a big diorama thing showing what it looked like on the day of the Battle at Bunker Hill. Which really took place at Breed’s Hill, by the way. The original plan was to fight the British at Bunker Hill, but the patriots ran out of time and prepared for battle at Breed’s Hill, which was closer to them than Bunker.

Mary and I wandered around Charlestown afterward and found our way to the Warren Street Tavern. It was awesome. It was built in 1780. It reminded me of a British pub, with all of the dark wood and the low ceiling.

I am glad I finally made it there. It reminded me of how special it is to live in Boston, “the cradle of liberty.”

Bunker Hill Monument
View from the top of the monument

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