ABCs of Ageing Gracefully

My trip to Ptown was fun. The highlight was the whale watch…we saw lots of whales. They came so close to the boat that we could hear them making noises. I wish I could have been a bird in the sky watching an entire boatload of people run from one side of the boat to the other in unison, trying to catch a glimpse of the graceful creatures.

I found a meaningful souvenir right before I left Ptown. I stopped into a home furnishings store, solely because the sign out front claimed that the store sold “uniquities for the home.” What a great word, uniquities. Well, I found myself a uniquity: “The ABCs of Ageing Gracefully” carved in a piece of marble. I was initially taken aback by the odd spelling of “ageing,” but then I decided it was probably a British spelling, which meant it was perfect for me. Without further ado—

Avoid Collagen; Bloom Late; Celebrate; Dance at Weddings; Eat More Chocolate; Fall in Love Again; Go Grey; Hold Hands; Inspire; Jettison Grudges; Kiss Like You Mean It; Laugh; Mend Fences; Nurture Friendships; Open Doors; Perspire with Aplomb; Quit Whining; Rekindle Romance; Spoil Babies; Teach Someone to Read; Upset Convention; Volunteer; Wear Red; Expect Joy; Yield Gracefully; Zing.

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