My trip to Ptown was fun. The highlight was the whale watch…we saw lots of whales. They came so close to the boat that we could hear them making noises. I wish I could have been a bird in the sky watching an entire boatload of people run from one side of the boat to the other in unison, trying to catch a glimpse of the graceful creatures.

I found a meaningful souvenir right before I left Ptown. I stopped into a home furnishings store, solely because the sign out front claimed that the store sold “uniquities for the home.” What a great word, uniquities. Well, I found myself a uniquity: “The ABCs of Ageing Gracefully” carved in a piece of marble. I was initially taken aback by the odd spelling of “ageing,” but then I decided it was probably a British spelling, which meant it was perfect for me. Without further ado—

Avoid Collagen; Bloom Late; Celebrate; Dance at Weddings; Eat More Chocolate; Fall in Love Again; Go Grey; Hold Hands; Inspire; Jettison Grudges; Kiss Like You Mean It; Laugh; Mend Fences; Nurture Friendships; Open Doors; Perspire with Aplomb; Quit Whining; Rekindle Romance; Spoil Babies; Teach Someone to Read; Upset Convention; Volunteer; Wear Red; Expect Joy; Yield Gracefully; Zing.