Out of the Darkness

Recently, I noticed some ads in subway stations for something called the Out of the Darkness Overnight. It is a walk for suicide prevention, put on by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Walkers start at 7 pm and literally walk overnight. This year’s walk takes place in Boston June 26–27.

I have struggled with depression off and on for years, so this event piqued my interest. I thankfully have never reached the point of feeling suicidal, but I have experienced some very, very dark times. So, I visited the website, watched the “inspirationl video” and found myself bawling. I had to get involved.

I’ll be sitting at the information desk all day Saturday, and will come home to nap for a few hours and then start another shift at midnight, helping people make luminaries for their loved ones.

It is going to be extremely powerful. I’m not sure of the exact route; I know the walkers will leave from and return to Government Center. So if anyone in Boston happens to come across the walkers Saturday night through Sunday morning, be sure to cheer them on.

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