Hot Chips That Are Cheetos

Each year at the holidays, I donate money to an organization…whether it be Heifer International, Women for Women International, etc.

This year, I decided to play Santa.

One of the organizations I volunteer with has a gift-buying program with its partner agencies. Children at the agencies write letters asking for specific gifts, and volunteers buy the gifts and send it to the agencies. I received my letter yesterday. My kid wants “dolls, a dollhouse, a toy puppy, and a toy parrot that talks.” That’s quite a tall order. Especially when there is a $40 limit. Last but certainly not least, she asked for “Hot chips that are cheetos.”

She is eight years old, and mentioned in her letter that she is well aware that Santa Claus is fake. She reiterated that fact by drawing a Santa Claus and writing the word “fake” next to it.

I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a toy store. It’s probably been 20+ years. Will I recognize anything??

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