Last night I tried absinthe and brussels sprouts for the first time. I love when I can check off more than one list item in a day.

I had decided to try absinthe, and in my research of the drink, I learned that March 5 was National Absinthe Day. The perfect day to try it, no? So Melissa, Barrett, and I met up at Kingston Station. I had read that absinthe tasted like licorice, so Melissa was out of the game. But Barrett was up for it.

We tried the Lucid. That shit is STRONG. Wow. We weren’t sure what to do with the funky spoon and the sugar cube that was quickly dissolving in the bottom of the glass. We just shrugged and started drinking.

Waiting for the green fairies to appear














We perused the menu and tried to decide what to order. Barrett saw Brussels sprouts and prosciutto and said he wanted to order them. I mentioned that I didn’t think I had ever tried them. Put it on the list, Melissa and Barrett cried. Why not! I replied.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Brussels sprouts. They kind of sort of tasted like broccoli and cauliflower, which I like.

I am not a very adventurous eater, so it is fun to step out of my food comfort zone now and then.

Next up on the birthday list: being an evil chemist!!!

OK, not evil at all. I am going to make my own perfume. I ordered a kit and it just arrived in the mail. Will report on it soon.