Another Movie, Another House Tour


Last night, I watched It Happened One Night, #35 in AFI’s top 100 list. It was downright delightful. Such an overused plot: guy and girl meet, drive each other crazy, then fall in love. But the dialogue was so clever, and that Clark Gable…what a charmer.

Today, Mary and I toured the Nichols House Museum in Beacon Hill. It was a nice little guided house tour. I wish we could have learned more about Rose Standish Nichols, the longtime resident. She seemed like a kindred spirit. She lived there from the time she was 13 until she died at the age of 88, in 1960. Upon her death, instead of leaving the house to her nieces and nephews, she wished the house to be used as a museum. She never married or had children because she wanted to have a career. She was most likely the first female landscape architect in the country. She was also a pacifist and a suffragist. Here are a few photos:

Nichols House at 55 Mount Vernon Street












Dining Room of the Nichols House






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