I really don’t even know how to put my feelings for the people of Japan into words right now. The level of devastation they have suffered and will continue to suffer is beyond horrendous. I was researching organizations to donate to this morning, when I came across an international animal welfare site. #)($#*(@$, the animals!!

I immediately thought of a documentary I watched last year about some Katrina victims and their pets, called Mine. It was a very interesting and emotional documentary. I had no idea that you couldn’t bring pets with you to emergency shelters. And that after the emergency was over, you might not be able to even get back to your house to rescue your pet. WTF!

Anyway, I started researching what was going on with animal rescue in Japan. There are some organizations banding together, which is great. There are some donation links at the bottom of this page. I was also excited (and scared for the cats’ safety at the same time!) to learn that there is an entire island of cats in Japan! But reports so far say that the island is above water level.

I’m not a praying type of person, but I am praying for the people and animals of Japan right now…


Courtesy of buzzfeed.com