One Month

Well, what can I say about the wedding…it was just wonderful. I parked myself in front of the TV at 4:00 am and was there until I think 11:30 am? Whenever they drove off in the Aston Martin with the “Just Wed” license plate. I probably could have watched footage all day long. I took breaks here and there, because I was tired from getting up so early…and from drinking a few mimosas.

I caught part of Oprah’s wedding party, and then watched the 20/20 special later in the evening. Will and Kate looked so happy; it was heartwarming. My favorite moments were when Harry glanced back at her as she came down the aisle with her father. And either said, “Wait til you see her” or “Right, she’s here now.” Heard conflicting lip reader reports on that one. And when Will complimented her and cracked a joke when she and her father arrived at the altar. And of course the carriage ride and balcony kiss were awesome.

Mary and I picked up our paperweights yesterday…mine came out OK. My blob of blue color is, well, a blob. Instead of a nice spiral shape. But whatever. I’m still just glad I didn’t burn myself or someone else!

Tomorrow is May 1. #%(#$(@%#. I need to to start mentally preparing for my birthday. I think I still have 9 list items to complete. The next thing I do might be getting my ear pierced at the top of my ear. What is called a helix piercing. Or maybe another spot, not sure. There are quite a few spots that can be pierced: tragus, snug, rook, oh my.

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