Belated Wegmans Report


I just returned from my jaunt across the pond…that’s a post for another day.

I wanted to submit a belated report on opening day at Wegmans Northborough: the first Wegmans in Massachusetts. Mary and I arrived around 2 pm on October 16, proud to be two of the approximately 25,000 people to peruse the hallowed aisles that day.

Our first stop was the Market Café. We both got a snack from the Thai bar = delicious! Next we signed up for Shopper’s Club cards.









Once we entered the store, there were no shopping carts or baskets to be found. We hit the bakery and just started piling things in our arms. Mary checked out the organics section while I hunted down the olive bar. We met up again and bypassed the entire grocery section; it was just too much. I wanted to check out the beer and wine section because I had read that the store would be selling 600 different beers. Amazing.

We had a few nice conversations with employees, Mary’s stock phrase being “We drove all the way from Boston!” and mine being “I grew up in Rochester and worked at a Wegmans!”

I can’t wait to go back when it is easier to walk around! Wegmans is located in a plaza, so one can make a day out of shopping. There’s a brand new Kohl’s, Toys ‘r’ Us, plus some shoe stores. Michael’s is opening next spring, so that will be awesome, too.

Signing off so I can eat a Wegmans blueberry bagel…



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