Olive, Meet Olive


Like I need another reason to love the Brits. Twinings tea, Newcastle, Bass, Prince William, and: the producer of the most adorable stuffed animals ever created.

Adorable really doesn’t even explain it. The company’s website uses adjectives such as sophisticated, hip, and humorous to explain its creations. Who would think that a stuffed animal could be sophisticated and hip?

Trust me on this one. These little guys are works of freakin’ art.

Someone I know, who shall remain nameless, collects Jellycats. They are not easy to find in the United States. I’m always taken by surprise when I come across them in random independent stores. I found a cornucopia of them in a cool store in Portland over the weekend. I stood agog at my good fortune and picked out a pretty, white owl for the nameless person. A tiny owl with wild hair caught my eye.








I picked up the owl, mesmerized by its hair. I looked at its tag to find out its name. Olive Owl. (My cat’s name is Olive.) I then said to the owl, “You are coming home with me.”

I just introduced the two Olives. Olive Cat sniffed at Olive Owl and attacked her. Then she promptly turned around and went into napping pose. Olive Owl seemed confused, but I told her that it takes Olive Cat a long time to warm up to others. She’ll come around eventually.

4 thoughts on “Olive, Meet Olive

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  1. Great find! I love the Olive Cat and Olive Owl encounter. It reminds me of when we placed Lulu Dog in front of Lulu Cake. Worlds colliding!

  2. This is one of your best yet……..especially because I am the “not named” person who received the Olive Owl’s friend Owl and the owner of 20+ other of these Jellycat animals…….too traumatized by my desire to keep buying them to COUNT them………by the way – true confession time – there’s a new “puddle monkey’ for you to see next visit……

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