Brighton Music Hall


You know you’re getting old when:

1. You go to a small club to see a show and are overjoyed to see stools (because it means you won’t have to stand for three hours).

2. Your ears feel like they are bleeding from the volume of aforementioned show and you swear to yourself that you will forever bring earplugs to future concerts.

I saw Saul Williams at Brighton Music Hall last night. I had never been there before, and I was so happy to see a few stools throughout the room. I was even happier that I had arrived early enough to find a free stool. Saul was good…he performed snippets of the slam poetry that I love him for, so that was great. I like his music, but don’t love it like I love his poetry.

I had no idea how loud his show would be. My one ear is in bad shape from too many concerts, so I really need to start wearing earplugs. Augh.

I don’t have any specific birthday list plans in the near future, but I need to keep up the momentum. Still have 25 things to do!

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