Uggie Almost Made Me Cry


And yes, Jean Dujardin almost made me cry, too.

I finally got around to seeing The Artist. If you ask me, it definitely deserves its 10 Oscar nominations. If the film wasn’t warming my heart, it was breaking it. I am still in awe of what I experienced. The acting, the writing, the music…it was all perfect.I found myself relating to Jean’s character and his resistance to changing with the times. Oh yes, I can relate to that as I give a quiet stink eye to ebook readers, tablets,  iPods…

Just as in Beginners, a pet dog played a central role in the film. Love you, Uggie. We need more films with pet cats, Hollywood!

Although I’ve only seen five of the nine Best Picture Oscar nominees, my vote is for The Artist.

In birthday list news, I was in the North End last night and went to Modern Pastry for the first time. I picked up some cookies to take home. I thank the Lord above that I do not live near the North End, because I would not be able to resist the cookies. Or the cannolis, biscotti, cupcakes, eclairs…

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