Cat Bed Conundrum


I bought Olive a nice cat bed the other day. I bought her a bed a couple of years ago, and it ended up in the MSPCA donation pile. Now I remember why. She has no idea what the bed is for.

Somehow I have to train her to use a bed. I’ve tried putting treats in the bed, but she stands in front of it and cranes her neck to reach the treats. And then walks away. I actually searched on Google for advice. Most people have to pick up their cat and put him/her in the bed. Thaaatt’s not going to fly with Olive. Some people put the bed by a windowsill. My bedroom window looks out onto a brick wall. Apparently cats are attracted to heat. Maybe I will put my heating pad in the bed??

I think a lucky cat at the MSPCA will be getting a new bed soon.










In other news, I haven’t done anything on the birthday list in a long time. But this weekend, I am going to the New England Mobile Book Fair for the first time. An actual brick-and-mortar bookstore! Can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Cat Bed Conundrum

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  1. haha, i love the picture of olive luxuriously napping on your bed just inches away from her bed! can you move her bed closer and closer to her? or maybe lay one of your pillow cases on it? i wonder if she is like a dog and wants to have your smell on her bed? the heating pad is a good idea. also, when we shopped for a bed for lu, we were told some animals like the bolsters on the sides and some like flat, pillow-like beds. lu likes to prop her head up so we got her one with sides. maybe olive would prefer a fluffy pillow without sides so she can stretch out?

    1. hmm, i will try the pillowcase thing. good thinking re: the type of bed. the last bed i bought was flat with no sides. so i thought i would try one with sides. thanks and i will let you know how it works out…

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