I bought Olive a nice cat bed the other day. I bought her a bed a couple of years ago, and it ended up in the MSPCA donation pile. Now I remember why. She has no idea what the bed is for.

Somehow I have to train her to use a bed. I’ve tried putting treats in the bed, but she stands in front of it and cranes her neck to reach the treats. And then walks away. I actually searched on Google for advice. Most people have to pick up their cat and put him/her in the bed. Thaaatt’s not going to fly with Olive. Some people put the bed by a windowsill. My bedroom window looks out onto a brick wall. Apparently cats are attracted to heat. Maybe I will put my heating pad in the bed??

I think a lucky cat at the MSPCA will be getting a new bed soon.










In other news, I haven’t done anything on the birthday list in a long time. But this weekend, I am going to the New England Mobile Book Fair for the first time. An actual brick-and-mortar bookstore! Can’t wait.