My Kind of Town


My kind of town displays thoughtful quotes on its doors and trash cans.

















East Aurora, New York, is my kind of town. My mom and I had a lovely visit last weekend. Unfortunately, some of the local museums were not open yet, but we kept ourselves busy with eating and shopping.

We headed back to Rochester so I could see the rest of the fam. And you will not be surprised to learn that I had a “moment” at Wegmans. I saw CHINESE MARBLE cookies in the bakery department. I lived for these cookies growing up. Wegmans had a free cookie club for kids, and I always picked a Chinese marble cookie. They disappeared at some point…and now they are back. I wonder how long they have been back. I spotted them in the “gourmet” cookie section, which I never really paid attention to before. They could have been there for years.

!?!?!?!? Reunited at long last.











Lastly, I love this photo that I took of my brother on his Harley. I am beaming with pride that he has a tattoo!

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