T Minus One Week


One week until D-Day. Next week at this time, I’ll be in Nantucket, relaxing on a beach if the weather gods are kind.

Tomorrow I am doing my last few birthday items. The mystery item is now a birthday breakfast at Henrietta’s Table. I’ve always wanted to go there, mainly because I grew up in Henrietta, New York. And I’ve heard the food is pretty good, too.

Funnily enough, I just learned the story behind the naming of Henrietta, New York, last weekend. A rich man in Bath, England, bought a million acres of land in western New York after the Revolutionary War. The town of Henrietta was named after his daughter.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will get an airbrush tan for the first time. Have no idea what to expect. Although I won’t be surprised if I end up looking orange.

Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend. I am lucky in that I don’t personally know any fallen soldiers. But I will be thinking of the people who are not as lucky on Monday.

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  1. Cant believe you hadnt heard of that Henrietta story before…maybe i had to research it at some point. Wonder where there are other henrietta towns

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