Back from the Caribbean…


Thanks to Tracy for introducing me to Henrietta’s Table. Breakfast was quite a treat. I ate the most delicious hash browns that I have ever tasted.

I’m happy to report that I don’t look orange. I look like I’ve returned from a week’s vacation in the Caribbean. Well, I did for about 17 hours anyway. When I showered this morning, I became a few shades lighter. I still look pretty tan, though. I would get a spray tan again…if another groupon appeared and I had a special event scheduled. I am a sun worshipper (I know…not good) and usually become naturally tan in the summertime anyway. Thank you, Italian side of my family.

The eighth annual birthday list is almost fini. It always finishes on May 30 or May 31, when I steal away to a new town or city for a couple of days. I think I’ll have enough frequent flyer miles for a free flight next year. It takes me about three years to accumulate enough miles for a flight. A birthday trip to the Pacific Northwest may be in my future…

And on an unrelated note, if you haven’t watched Season 2 of Masterpiece’s Sherlock, DO IT. NOW. I am intrigued by the other Sherlock series starting in the fall because I happen to love Jonny Lee Miller. However, I don’t know if a female Watson is going to fly. And I’d much rather have Sherlock be in London vs. NYC. But we’ll see how it goes.

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