A Perfect Summer Day


My friend Marge visited over the weekend. We experienced a perfect summer day in Newburyport. What does a perfect summer day entail? Well, in my world, it entails:

Drinking watermelon beer at a waterfront bar.










Coming across a sculpture park and posing with the sculptures.













Spending exorbitant amounts of money at a British import store.












I hadn’t been to Newburyport in years, so had forgotten about the British store. O-M-G as Marge likes to say. I bought tea. I bought chocolate. I bought crisps. I bought Olympics merchandise. I was unstoppable.

Our perfect summer day ended with us in our hotel room, drinking the British tea I had just bought and watching hours of Animal Planet. And we caught Michael Phelps’s last Olympics race and Jessica Ennis’s win. That was exciting.

I need about 20 more days like that before the summer ends…













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