Becoming a Genie

This is the year that I become a full-fledged genie. No, I’m not taking up residence in a bottle. I am taking my genealogy research to a higher level. I’ve worked on it in spurts over the past few years. But now it’s time to get serious.

Are you still wondering what “genie” has to do with this? Well, I recently read a guide about tracing one’s roots, and the author refers to genealogy researchers as “genies.” sent me a deal that I couldn’t refuse a few days ago: a reduced price on a six-month membership AND a DNA test. I am way too excited about getting my DNA analyzed (Item #1 on the birthday list).

Genealogy research can be addictive. It is so satisfying to uncover new information and solve mysteries. The amount of conflicting information and number of misspellings one must slog through is almost unbearable at times, but finding new and interesting facts makes it worth it.

My main goal is to find out how my Italian great-grandparents came to the States. All I know is that they have very common names and they allegedly came through Mexico, lived in California, and then settled in Pennsylvania. I already have a lot of research on my other three grandparents’ histories, but I have practically no information on the Italians! And none of them are alive anymore.

Wish me luck and I will report back when I receive my DNA kit in the mail!

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  1. this is the most awesome way i can think of to become a genie. good luck! and make sure to fill me in on the findings! should be super interesting. and in the meantime, let’s celebrate your italian heritage by eating pasta and gelato and drinking wine!

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