When I accomplish two birthday list items in one day, I feel super-duper productive.

Yesterday, I ate lunch at Michael’s Deli for the first time. I’ve lived in Brookline for three years and hadn’t made it there yet. It gets rave reviews because the deli meat is shipped from NYC. The corned beef is famous, but I was in the mood for chicken salad. It was damn good chicken salad. The chicken was fresh, and the chicken to mayo ratio was perfect. The atmosphere is no frills and cafeteria like, but if you’re just stopping in for a quick sandwich, it’s fine. I’ll be back to try the corned beef.












Last night, I watched the film Nashville, which is #59 on AFI’s top 100 movie list. It took me back to the ’70s…even though I was just a wee thing then and have no actual memories of society in the ’70s. There were so many story lines and characters and they were all funny and sad in their own way. When I watch older movies, I am always amazed at how people and their relationships never seem to change—the music and clothing might, but people’s demons and foibles persist.

Side note: Keith Carradine was hot in his 20s! I’ve always thought he was handsome, but dang.

Courtesy of amazon.com
Courtesy of amazon.com














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