State of Emergency


Boston has come to a standstill due to the impending snowstorm…many businesses were closed today or closed by 2:00. The subway is stopping service at 3:00 today. The governor has told people to stay off the roads after 4:00. We better get two feet of snow after all of this!

Mary and I went to a local diner for brunch this morning and made it just in time to grab a bite before it closed. I’ve passed by the Busy Bee Restaurant twice a day for the past 3+ years and have never been. So I was looking forward to checking it out. As we walked inside, we were greeted by a faded poster of a young Elvis Presley. It had me at Elvis.

It’s a small place. The food was good and cheap, and the atmosphere is quintessential diner. It’s run by a Greek family, so I enjoyed hearing random Greek being yelled from the kitchen. There seemed to be some regulars. The waitstaff was no nonsense, but friendly. Everything one wants in a diner.

This excursion was #7 on the birthday list. I’m feeling a little behind at this point!

busy bee

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