Tea cakes and geniedom


I had never been to a Chinese bakery in Chinatown, so my coworker took me to two last week. I was seeking a pineapple bun, but neither bakery had one that particular day. So I settled for a hot dog bun and a scallion bun. They were quite delicious. I rarely eat hot dogs, but this hot dog bun looked like a huge pig-in-a-blanket and I couldn’t resist. I also bought a green tea cake. It looked so cute, and I like tea.

greentea cake









Not a fan of the cute tea cake. It had the consistency of a block of powdered sugar and I was not feeling it.

But I’ll be going back for the hot dog bun!

I also attended my first genealogy workshop. It was an all-day workshop. There were four separate lectures and a a Q and A session. The presenters were engaging and I learned a lot. And I got sucked in to joining the local genealogical society, New England Historic Genealogical Society. I hope to check out its 8-floor library this weekend.

I haven’t had time to do much genealogical research lately. But I am raring to go with all of my new tips.

So for those keeping track, I have completed 12 items. So that means I have 2.5 months to finish 26 things. Hmmm….





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