I am almost halfway done with my birthday list. I seem to be dragging my feet this year. I did two things over the weekend: ate at Sandrine’s Bistro and watched A Clockwork Orange.

Sandrine’s Bistro was delightful. My friend and I chose the Restaurant Week menu so had three courses. I had the apple and gorgonzola salad, filet mignon with pomme frites, and orange creme brulee. The food was great and the atmosphere was laidback and cozy.

A Clockwork Orange = the opposite of delightful. But engaging…in the same way a train wreck or other horrible disaster is engaging. Completely twisted and perverse, these droogs were in the gullivers. I think I’ll read the book as well, as it happens to be on the Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels list.

I’ve figured out what my #38 on the birthday list will be: Visit Austin, Texas. I am looking forward to some music, barbeque, and quirkiness! Recommendations for Austin are welcome!