Triple Play


First things first: A friend lost her husband to cancer yesterday. Tell all your loved ones that you love them today.

I added three things to the birthday list yesterday.

I started off the day by visiting the Prescott House. I’ve now seen all of the historic homes in Boston proper. The Prescott House is in a great location that overlooks Boston Common. The home was built by a prosperous merchant in 1808, and later sold to William Prescott. Prescott was a well-known historian of his day and one of the first Americans to write about Spanish history.

I returned home and began the lotion experiment. I was slightly daunted by the number of ingredients.











I had to buy a kitchen scale to measure out such minuscule measurements as .1 oz. I mixed, I heated, I blended. And the finished product was the consistency of soup. I rushed over to the computer to find a remedy for the situation. I read that I should add more wax, add more stearic acid, add corn starch. I tried all three. Still soupy. I sighed and put it in the fridge, hoping a miracle would happen.

I later read that lotion needs to “cure” for more than 12 hours. So when I woke up this morning, voila! Lotion.











After cleaning up the lotion explosion in the kitchen, I sat down to watch The Best Years of Our Lives. It’s #37 in the top 100 movies list. It came out in 1946 and follows three men returning to their small American town after WWII. They deal with disability, PTSD, job searching, hasty pre–war marriages…I thought it was very well done. The Academy thought so as well; it won seven Oscars.

I need to have a few more triple-play days if I want to finish the list by the end of the summer. We shall see…




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