Pickling, Cruising, Cocktailing


It was another busy week…checked three more items off the birthday list.

1. Pickling

I pickled some carrots and cauliflower. Oh my. It ended up being a failed experiment, but that’s fine. I just picked the wrong recipe off the Internet! Or maybe I didn’t let the vinegar mixture boil enough. When I tasted the first pickled carrot, the hair on my head just about stood up straight. Very strong taste of vinegar…mingled with sweetness. (The recipe I grabbed included sugar.) Not horrible tasting, but not great tasting either. I’ll try again sometime.












2. Cruising

I love islands. I love the Boston Harbor Islands in particular. There are 34 of them, but not all of them are open to the public. I’ve been to six now. I went to Lovells the other night on a sunset cruise with the Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands. It was the perfect weather for a cruise. Unfortunately it took us awhile to get to the island, so we only had 45 minutes to explore. We walked around the ruins of Fort Standish, which was used in WW I and II. We also saw Boston Light, the country’s oldest lighthouse still in operation. As we headed back to Boston, we watched a glorious sunset.












3. Cocktailing

Today I tried a Ward 8, which was created in Boston in 1898. Actually it turns out that I didn’t have a true Ward 8. After looking at some recipes on the Internet, I realize that the bartender left out the orange juice. Woopsie. That probably would have cut some of the extreme sweetness of my partial Ward 8. It was still fun to try a historic drink at the historic Bell in Hand Tavern.


ward 8



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