Larz Anderson Auto Museum

I knocked two more things off the birthday list last weekend, when Daisy was visiting. We went to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and I tried okra for the first time.

I’ve been thinking about visiting the Larz Anderson Auto Museum for years, but hadn’t gotten there. I had been to the grounds surrounding the museum, Larz Anderson Park. The estate is 64 acres and has a nice view of the Boston skyline. The museum is housed in Larz and Isabel Anderson’s former carriage house. This is a beautiful building where they kept their horses and, later, their car collection.

Brief overview of Larz and Isabel Anderson: Early 1900s. Larz came from a well-to-do family. Isabel inherited $17 million at the age of 5, making her the wealthiest woman in America. Larz started a diplomatic career, and met Isabel while she was on a “world tour.” They had homes in D.C., New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Larz and Isabel started buying a car per year (!). Isabel was just as interested in cars as Larz was. She was the first woman in Massachusetts to obtain a driver’s license! Isabel wrote 20+ books, so I am putting her on my “Books to Read” list.

OK, back to the museum. The first floor showcases newer cars that aren’t part of the Andersons’ collection. Many of them are race cars. Daisy and I liked the midget race car!









The Andersons’ collection is in the basement. Even if you’re not a car enthusiast, you’d enjoy looking at these cars, all from the early 1900s. Included in the collection are two electric cars (yes, electric) and a car with a toilet and washbasin. Some of the cars were brought over from other countries and some were manufactured in America.

1906 Charron-Girodot (toilet car)
1906 Charron-Girodot (toilet car)











1907 Fiat
1907 Fiat









There was a room dedicated to the design of buses and trains, which I found fascinating. I learned about Raymond Loewy, the industrial designer who designed the Greyhound bus. He wrote a few books, which I’ve added to my “Books to Read” list. So many books, so little time…

The museum hosts car shows and events in the summer, and I am looking forward to attending one!

On to the okra. Daisy and I went to an Afghani restaurant, and she ordered a dish with okra. She asked if I had tried okra before. I didn’t think I had, so I tried it. It was tasty. I’ll have to seek it out and try a whole serving myself sometime.

Next up is a viewing of The Deer Hunter, #53 on AFI’s Top 100 Movies list.




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  1. I love this museum! I’ve been to parties there, and I also wrote about it back when I was reporter for People magazine’s New England bureau.

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