My First Juice Cleanse


My birthday list has become more interesting and cost-effective since the arrival of Groupon and Living Social. I did a three–day juice cleanse last weekend, courtesy of Living Social. Juice cleanses are expensive; I paid $99 for a three–day cleanse. I didn’t read much about the cleanse before I started it. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the philosophy behind this particular cleanse is to eat during it (healthily, of course).

The first day, my body was in a bit of shock. I drank five juices per day: three for meals and two that were essentially “juicified water.” I liked some better than others. I had to talk myself through a couple of them. I was also trying to drink a lot of water. I’ve never peed so much in my life.

Over the three days, I ate a lot of fruit and veg as well as brown rice. But I ate my regular cereal and even drank a beer one night. As the joos philosophy says, changing your eating habits shouldn’t be about depriving yourself. Because then you are more likely to binge later.

I became much more conscious about what I was putting in my body, so I am calling the cleanse a success.









So that was #11 on the list. A few days after the cleanse, I checked off #12 by attending a concert at the Sinclair, a concert venue in Cambridge. It’s been open a year and I hadn’t made it there yet. Well, I didn’t know what I was missing! I love the space. It’s a small space, but I really like the layout. There is a small floor area and a balcony that wraps around the room. WITH CHAIRS. I get excited to see chairs at shows now, which means I’m old.

I saw Noam Pikelny, a kick–ass banjo player, play bluegrass music with a bunch of guys I’d never heard of. They were all amazing musicians: a fiddler, guitarist, bass player, and mandolinist. It was quite a fun evening.

That’s all for now—have a good weekend!


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