Love the Age You Are


The birthday list really does what I want it to do (= distract me). I wasn’t even brooding about my birthday until I started receiving birthday greetings in the mail last week from stores that I shop at.

Oprah magazine came through with a perfectly timed issue called “Age Brilliantly.” I read this article with interest:









The article is nice but doesn’t expose a one-size-fits-all answer to my question. When will I love the age I am? The earliest record I have of dreading my birthday is 17…this is not a new problem of mine. I’m hoping the answer lies in taking more time for myself and working on gratitude.

I have a week left before my birthday, and I’m finishing the list tonight. Well, except for the last item, which is to go to Block Island the day before my birthday.

I’m currently entering my third hour of sitting with saran wrap and a plastic bag around my head. I’m dyeing my hair with henna for the first time and have no idea what to expect. While I let it set a little longer, I’ll finish watching the first installment of I, Claudius. Stay tuned for a review of that as well as my hair color…










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