A–Z: Session 2


I checked off two more letters in the alphabet last week:

B: Back Bar

Back Bar is located down a non-descript alley behind a non-descript door.












I half-expected to find a bouncer behind the door, waiting to hear a password.

The space is intimate and reminds me of a living room. I knew this was my kind of place when I read through the beer descriptions and read this under Harpoon Summer: “I don’t know what to write here.”










I had a Brew Free or Die IPA accompanied by a cute ramekin of caramel corn that we were given.

Next up was

I: Independent









OK. First and foremost, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a high male:female ratio in my 15 years of residency in Boston. Melissa and I might have been the only females in the bar = I need to visit Somerville more often. The vibe I felt was classic pub with a splash of townie. Also my kind of place!

I chose a beer solely on its name: Bouncy House IPA.









These will not be the last Somerville bars on this list; Davis Square is next month’s destination…


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