Metalworkin’ and Gunslingin’


Mary, Anya, and I checked off the letters F and S on the Alphabet Bar List the other night. We headed to Somerville to Foundry on Elm and Saloon.

We scored seats in the middle of the bar at Foundry and Elm. I was pleased to discover an interesting beer list; I ordered a Double Point Toasted Lager.









We enjoyed our salads and fries and the bartender was friendly. All-around good experience.










Saloon is a few doors down from Foundry. Like Back Bar, it has an unassuming entrance. You come upon two bouncers in front of what looks like an entrance to an office building. The only tip is a small globe-shaped light that says “Saloon.”












There weren’t any seats at the bar, and no one was standing at it. We asked the hostess for guidance and she made space for us at a tiny table in the dining area. Bonus points for the accommodating hostess!

I tried the Saloon Pale Ale. It had a nice kick to it. And I quite enjoyed drinking out of a jelly glass. I was feeling the speakeasy atmosphere; it was dark, windowless, and the walls were exposed brick. I’d like to return and try the food sometime.










The next outing is in a few weeks…destination is the Back Bay or South End. Any recommendations?













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