Lite-Brite and Write for Rights

I’ve checked off C and H on the Alphabet Bar List.

Carrie Nation








This restaurant is huge. There is a bar and a restaurant AND a speakeasy! I had to check out the speakeasy, of course. The floor was weathered wood and light was nonexistent save some beaded lamps radiating soft light and candles on the tables. Lots of cozy nooks for intimate conversations.








I tried the Goose Island Honkers Ale; it was quite nice. Just as Mary and I finished our beef sliders, Deb and Linda appeared, ready to hit the next joint.

Highball Lounge

I was only one drink in, but I shrieked like a hyena when I saw this at the entrance:










LITE-BRITE!! I loved this freakin’ thing when I was a kid. All of the different patterns…the smell of the black paper as the heat emanated from the base. I wondered if it was still around so did a quick Google search. Yeah, it’s around. But today’s version has colorful plastic casing and is battery powered. No chance of being a fire hazard = not as cool if you ask me.

Anyway, Highball. Highball is an interesting place. The decor is kind of classy, with chandeliers and all. But then you have a huge painting of a half-dressed woman on the wall and the people at the table next to you are playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. Yes, there are board games; it’s a fun idea. This is a cocktail place, so the beer list was neither comprehensive nor exotic. But I liked the Scrimshaw Pilsner I ordered.










It was a laidback, early evening. Now to plan December’s outing…








December! It’s right around the corner. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; I hope all of you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Now for the public service announcement of this post:

1. Saturday is Small Business Saturday.

2. Tuesday is Giving Tuesday.

3. Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign begins on December 1. This is an annual holiday tradition of mine and I encourage you to adopt it! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of injustice and suffering there is in the world. But every holiday season, I take a deep breath and write letters to governments, asking them to release prisoners of conscience; I also write to the prisoners of conscience themselves. And I feel just a little bit better.






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