After being out of touch for nine years, eBay and I have been reacquainted.

It all started over some lotion. I discovered Crabtree and Evelyn’s Iris scent a few years ago. It’s expensive, so I have treated myself to a bottle of the lotion a couple of times per year. When I started a new bottle about a month ago, I decided that I love it so much that I just have to wear it all the time.

Then I learned that the scent was discontinued.

Really?? I took to the Internet in hopes of finding a few bottles through a beauty shop. And there was eBay. I felt kind of silly about buying $160 worth of lotion all at once, so I settled for $80.








After the lotion purchase, I decided to check on Dancing Hamsters while I was there. My mom and I unearthed my collection from storage at her house during the holidays, so they’ve been on my mind again.

I found this:










OMFG. A hot water bottle and a cane??

Things have been quiet on the birthday list front. I watched Unforgiven recently (#98 on the AFI Top 100 movie list). The plot and acting were just fine, but there was too much gunfire for me.

I stayed at a nice hotel in Portland over the weekend and tried a steam room for the first time. The room got so steamy I could not see a thing and it was so disorienting! I felt like I was trapped in the middle of a cloud. After a few moments of sheer panic, I was able to marvel at the sensation of being trapped in a cloud.

Tomorrow night I’m seeing the Dropkick Murphys for the first time. I only know one of their songs. But they are a Boston institution, so the time has come to experience Celtic punk firsthand…






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