Ls and Qs

Only five more bars left on the A–Z list so I’m right on track.

I had hot pot for the first time at a hot spot a couple of weeks ago: Q Restaurant.










I’m not sure what I ordered, but it was good! The waiter placed a huge metal bowl of orange broth and vegetables on a hot plate in the middle of the table and delivered different sauces, brown rice, and a platter of paper-thin slices of chicken.

After throwing in the chicken and letting it cook for a minute or so, I could either scoop it all out and eat it as soup or strain out the broth and eat the chicken and veggies over the brown rice. It was fun to have two options.

I tried Asahi beer, a nice Japanese lager.

I swear that there were Japanese beer in this glass.
I swear that there was Japanese beer in this glass.











The place was packed with huge groups of young Asian tourists, which made for a vibrant atmosphere.

I had some seriously good Italian food at Lucca last week.








It’s very unassuming from the outside, and it’s dark and cozy inside. I tried an IPA from a brewery I’ve never heard of, called Uinta. I don’t know if I’ve ever met an IPA I didn’t like.








The arancini of the day (with crabmeat) was divine, as were the meatballs and a light salad. I will return for the $5 draft specials and the arancini!

So which letters are left, you ask? E, U, V, X, Y. Yep.




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