Closing the Book on A–Z

I went to the Bahamas; I saw 40 barreling toward me; I conquered…?

There’s still lots to catch you up on, but let’s first close the book on the A–Z bar list.

The list ended with a fizzle because I ran out of time. I had E, U, and Y left, and I just couldn’t manage to get to new bars for all of them.

Y was for Yardhouse, which I had been to once before. But at least I tried some new beers—again just based on their names: Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils and Firestone Union Jack. Both were quite tasty. If you are a beer drinker, get thee to Yardhouse, because the draft list is extensive.









U was for UnderFire, which only exists on the Internet. I had read that the owners of a restaurant called Fire and Ice bought the space underneath the restaurant in order to turn it into a bar space called UnderFire.

The host I talked to looked at me like I had 10 heads as I asked about UnderFire, and I saw no sign anywhere that it was called UnderFire. Oh well.

No UnderFire to be seen...
No UnderFire to be seen…









I tried another beer based on its name: Illusive Traveler.

Wow, it tasted like grapefruit juice. Which is great if you like grapefruit juice, as I do. I could probably drink four in a row and then fall out of my chair and take a nap on the floor. But if you don’t like fruit beers, this one is not for you.








I found myself needing to visit a bar that started with E the night before my trip. Enter Elephant & Castle because it’s right around the corner from my office.

Elephant & Castle









I didn’t even attempt to look for a beer I hadn’t tried before. “A Boddingtons, please,” I said to the bartender.










I’ve been to E & C a few times; even though it’s a chain, I’ll keep going back because the decor reminds me of an English pub and it has a few good British beers on tap.

So that’s a wrap, folks. Thanks to everyone who joined me on these 26 outings!





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