A House in the Country

My friend Linda and I toured the Lyman Estate, a Historic New England property, the other day. I was especially excited to see this property because it features one of the oldest surviving greenhouses in the country. We timed the visit so we could see camellias in bloom.










The Lyman Estate was built by a wealthy shipping merchant in 1793. He and his family lived in Boston but wanted “a country home” in nearby Waltham. Four generations lived there; the fifth generation decided to donate the property to Historic New England. The estate is used for function rentals, so none of the furnishings are original. But every piece is from the time periods of the Lymans’ residence.










After a guided tour of the house, we headed to the greenhouses. I love plants even though I struggle to keep them alive. So greenhouses really excite me. There are so many different plants crammed into a greenhouse! So much life in one place…

There were loads of succulents, for which I have a soft spot now, since I made my terrarium.








Not all of the camellias were in bloom, but there were some pretty ones.


















Just lovely. If I ever live somewhere with outdoor space, I will have to try planting some flowers!


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