Long Island Medium

Four or five years ago, I was visiting a friend and she introduced me to the reality TV show Long Island Medium. We watched episode after episode, transfixed. The “Long Island Medium” is a woman named Theresa Caputo, who lives on Long Island with her family.

I’ve gone to a few psychics over the years and was never blown away by the experiences. But I do believe that some psychics are the real deal and can communicate with spirits.

I theorized from her TV show that Theresa could be the real deal, but I also knew it was TV…so when I heard that she was bringing her live show to Boston, a friend and I immediately bought tickets.

theresa caputo









As well as being a medium, Theresa is a born performer. She’s extroverted, sassy, and speaks her mind. She started off the evening by laying down some ground rules, e.g., do not dog whistle in hopes of luring her over to communicate with your loved one’s spirit. (Sure enough, someone did that in the middle of the evening and was she pissed!) She also mentioned that if you were relating to what a spirit was saying to some one else, that it could possibly be your loved one talking to you as well.

The show consisted of her walking through the audience until she felt “strong” spirits. Cameras followed her so the audience could watch her speak with audience members on a big screen on stage.

I spent the whole evening thanking my lucky stars that I have not lost a closed loved one to tragedy or old age yet. Many stories told were pretty high on the tragedy scale. The first spirit Theresa connected with was a 2-month-old boy who died from a respiratory problem. Then there was the spirit of a local woman who had recently died after being stabbed by a boyfriend. There was a college student who died of the norovirus. There was a woman who left behind a small son, whom her mother was taking care of.

Theresa would walk around saying things like, “Tell me about the daughter.” “I see an explosion; did someone die in a war?” until someone would speak up. I got the chills when a 19-year-old woman was talking with Theresa about her mother whom she had recently lost. Much of her story sounded like my own mother’s, who lost her mother when she was 14.

I left the show hoping that the people who communicated with their loved ones through Theresa felt some level of comfort and peace. I was also reminded of the importance of communicating with our loved ones while they are still with us. Guilt from things left unsaid and what-iffing after losing a loved one equal a very heavy burden.

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