The Art of the Donut

I love donuts in theory but not necessarily in practice. I don’t really eat them that often. I’m more of a bagel or egg sandwich person.

I grew up on Wegmans donuts, and my favorite will forever be the white cream donut.

Not Boston cream/creme/kreme. Not custard cream.

White cream. Aka white frosting.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of









Donuts have been getting interesting in the past few years, though. Independent donut shops have popped up, selling flavors such as blackberry lime basil frosted (I tried this in Portland, Oregon). Once I tried the potato donuts at the Holy Donut in Portland, Maine, I made the shop a regular stop during my visits.

But I hadn’t really gotten into the Boston donut scene. So when I visited a friend who lives near Union Square Donuts, I had to buy some donuts. We literally had just finished eating breakfast, so I wasn’t hungry. Therefore I opted to try the donut holes, so I could have a few “bites” throughout the rest of the day.

Unfortunately I deleted the photo of them by accident, but they look like like regular glazed donut holes. But they happen to melt in your mouth. Bites of sugary, doughy perfection.

A few weeks after my visit, I found out that the shop is opening a branch a five-minute walk from my apartment. I foresee a change in my breakfast eating habits…

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