Every year, I like to find a new way to “adorn” myself. I’ve changed my hair color a few times and I’ve tried henna. I got a cartilage piercing (R.I.P. [it wouldn’t take]). I tried a magnetic nose ring (didn’t look good at all).

This year, I bought some knuckle rings aka midi rings. I perused the offerings on Etsy, all the while saying to myself, “How will these rings stay on my fingers?” I had no idea which actual ring size would work, so I opted to buy a few cheap adjustable ones.







I like them, but I find that they move around a lot. If I press the ring too tightly around my finger, my finger starts to look like a sausage. Not flattering. I’ll try a non-adjustable one next to see if it works better. Rings are my favorite type of jewelry, so I plan to explore these rings further. Anyone have knuckle ring recommendations?