Brunch and Dinner

I read in a travel magazine that Jim’s Deli was one of the best diners in the country. I lived in its neighborhood for eight years and had never heard of it! So I had to check it out.

My boyfriend and I arrived right before throngs of college-aged people on a late Sunday morning. There isn’t much seating so we were lucky to nab a small table. The menu is quite extensive, but I went with a classic breakfast.

The prices were reasonable and the food was good. It’s a cafeteria-style line for ordering and paying, so because there was a long line, it wound around the restaurant awkwardly. So there were people standing right next to us for the majority of our stay. Therefore, this is not a place for people who want privacy while they’re eating!

My boyfriend and I went a little more upscale for dinner recently and went to The Backroom at Moody’s.

I’m generally not a foodie, so it’s a real treat to go out for a nice meal once in a while. The appetizer was a pleasant change from the usual: thin pepperoni slices and crispy noodle things. We ordered a flatbread, mussels, and grits to share. Everything was delicious.

We were quite pleased with both meals and will frequent these restaurants again!

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