Starstruck: John and Julianne

A friend and I saw John Cameron Mitchell on his “Origin of Love” Tour a couple of months ago. He performed many songs from his musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch and also shared life stories in between songs. I’ve only seen the musical (theater and film versions) a handful of times, so I was surprised to remember the songs so well. That demonstrates how catchy and powerful they are.

His storytelling was superb and the band and his backup singer were amazing. And the man crowdsurfed! Toward the end of the show, I saw him leave the stage and lost track of him. (My friend and I were sitting in the back of the theater.) I was dancing and enjoying the music, and all of a sudden I looked up and there he was, crowdsurfing to the back of the theater!

I also appreciated the personal touch the ensemble gave by performing Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” It was a perfect, intimate night of entertainment.

Fast forward to last week, when I had the opportunity to see Julianne Moore receive an award from my local movie theater. She was in conversation with a local reporter at the event and was so down-to-earth and charming. I hadn’t known that she attended the theater program at Boston University. She mentioned talking with BU students earlier that day; can you imagine?

It was interesting to hear about her days in Boston, as well as her varied career. I haven’t seen any of her early films, such as Vanya on 42nd Street or Short Cuts. So I need to catch up on her entire body of work! If I had to pick a favorite film of hers, I don’t think I could. I have enjoyed every character I have ever seen her play. I do want to watch the entire movie Still Alice; I think I saw part of it on a plane or a library DVD that stopped playing before the end. Off to update my Netflix queue….

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