Flea Life

Allen likes to paint. He has dozens of very cool paintings sitting in storage, so I suggested he try selling some at a local flea market. They should be on walls making people happy, right?

Neither of us had sold at a flea market before, so when he was accepted to the Boston Hassle Flea, we scrambled like we’ve never scrambled before. He decided to sell some music as well, so we had to price everything, buy display racks for the art, figure out how to display the music, buy a Square reader so we could accept credit card payments, buy a cash box, find out what supplies to bring on the day of, pack snacks and drinks…and hope that everything would fit in his car.

Everything did fit in the car, and we set up a nice little booth in the VFW hall where the market was being held. It was a 10-hour day, but it went by fairly fast. Our goal was to break even (we had to pay for the space and all of the supplies to make it happen) and we almost did.

The other vendors and attendees were friendly and chill. Some of Allen’s friends stopped by, which was fun. We’re looking forward to the day when we can participate in another local market.

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