Kind of Hard to Like This Coffee

My birthday is fewer than two months away and my birthday list has slowed down to a crawl for now. I don’t have the energy to do anything besides work, worry, and talk to a few friends and family members every week. I’m sure you can relate…

Before the invisible enemy took a hold of the entire world, I saw a display of “hard coffee” by the checkout in a liquor store. “That’s different,” I thought, as I grabbed a four-pack of La Colombe hard coffee.

I like coffee and I like alcohol, although I don’t drink much of either anymore. Hence, I’m not really a good candidate to review this coffee because I only drank half a can at once.

To me it tasted like alcohol…albeit a strange type of alcohol. Since I didn’t drink a full can, I felt neither buzzed nor caffeinated. It’s only 4.2% so there’s not a great chance of getting buzzed anyway.

The taste did kind of grow on me. I don’t know if I’d want to gulp it down like I sometimes gulp down coffee. I’ll leave it as an interesting life experience.

Stay safe and stay home, xo

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