Discovering a Local Pond

Like many people, I have spent a sizable chunk of my adult life thinking about, making plans for, and anticipating my next vacation. And then fully reveling in that vacation.

At the moment, the health of my family and friends, neighbors, and strangers (and, of course, my own) is at the forefront of my mind every day. But I have my occasional silent moments during which I miss the activities that sustain my life: mainly live events and travel. This situation is especially odd because the pandemic has no end date. It’s unclear when we will be able to travel again or attend live events again.

So, for now, I am being sustained by virtual live events and walks in local outdoor spaces…especially spaces I haven’t been to before.

Allen and I had been to Olmsted Park a couple of times, but we hadn’t walked the entire park. So when we went the other day, we discovered Ward’s Pond by accident. Discovering a local pond by accident felt like discovering ancient Roman ruins to this travel-deprived soul. The pond has a nice boardwalk and there is a small waterfall at its entrance. Otherwise, it’s not a terribly exciting pond. But the newness of it made it just exciting enough.

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  1. I love finding hidden gems in nature! And really enjoying the smell of all the lilacs blooming right now.

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