Netflix Party

The birthday list is slow-going between the global pandemic and other stressors. With less than a week to go before my birthday, I’ve finished about half the list. Since the pandemic began, my birthday list experiences have basically been whittled down to either attending virtual events or visiting new outdoor spots.

I hosted (and attended) my first Netflix party about a month ago. If you don’t know what that is = you gather a bunch of friends who also pay to stream Netflix on a computer and you all download a free app called Netflix Party. Then you watch a movie simultaneously and chat in real time.

I wanted to watch a comedy because life is too tragic at the moment. I found the comedy pickings pretty slim, but my friends and I decided on Wine Country, Amy Poehler’s 2019 feature directorial debut. It’s a good laugh, as well as a good tug at the heartstrings.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Most of the “party” had seen the film before, but we had fun discovering lines we had missed and laughing at the numerous classic lines. It was nowhere near the same as sitting in a movie theater with friends…yet it was still a shared experience, which is hard to come by these days.

Stay safe, stay informed, and wear a mask, friends.

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