2020 is almost over. This year has been hell on Earth. I’m tired, sad, angry, grieving…as I’m sure many of you are. As I look back, I’m trying to hold onto the fleeting moments of joy I stumbled upon amid the wreckage of pandemic life.

Ponyhenge cannot help but be a joyful place. Along a country road outside of Boston is a bunch of children’s rocking horses in a field. No one knows how or why the collection of horse toys has grown on a private owner’s land over the past 10 years.

When Allen and I visited the other day, one family was walking around. Two young kids were running around, hopping on and off the horses, and loving every minute. We walked around and admired the different horses. Some looked to be decades old; some were more modern. It was, by turn, fun, sad, and heartwarming.

We laughed at the KISS horse.

A newer horse had a plaque on it; it was a memorial to a child who died in 2010.

A well-loved red horse bore a sign that noted how many generations of a family had ridden on it.

The Ponyhenge visit reminded me that there is still joy in the world—it’s just harder to find and seek out right now. I wish you a happier and safer 2021 and please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay home when you can.