The System

I’d heard Robert Reich’s name and seen friends share his social media posts for years, but I hadn’t heard him speak until recently. My local library sent an email promoting an upcoming live Zoom webinar with him, during which he would speak about his latest book, The System. So I eagerly registered.

Watching him speak that night, I felt like I was sitting in a college classroom…in a good way. I wasn’t surprised to learn that he is a professor at UC Berkeley. He clearly described what is wrong with the political and economic “system” in America. Well, many of us know what is wrong: The rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting poorer.

His advice for fixing the rigged system is for working-class people to start at the local level and get involved in local politics. I think it’s important to support your local community economically as well. Especially now, during the pandemic. You will most likely pay more for items, but you will be keeping your money in the local economy and helping your local small businesses survive!

In this video, he gives an abbreviated version of The System‘s thesis. It’s time that we dismantle the oligarchy, friends! Have you read the book or any of his other books?

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