New Blanket

I’ve heard about weighted blankets for a while now and have occasionally wondered if they are worth the hype. If I bought one, would it help me sleep better? Does it really feel like a hug?

Well, I bought one on a whim the other day. I got a “cooling” blanket, since it’s still summer and I didn’t want it to make me too hot or it would defeat the purpose of better sleep.

I chose this Therapedic blanket. I decided to start with a 12-pound one, although I think it’s technically too light for my body weight. The first few nights that I used it, I thought “wow, it’s kind of heavy.” Then I got used to it and it no longer feels as heavy. I don’t necessarily feel “hugged” by it, but the weight does feel comforting.

I think I have slept a little better overall, as some nights I’ve only woken up once or twice to go to the bathroom vs. twice or thrice.

If you have any trouble sleeping, a weighted blanket might be worth a shot. If you already use one, what kind do you have? I’m already thinking about buying a “winter” edition, i.e., one made with fleece or flannel.

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